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When are alcohol licenses required?

Two situations require a retail license:

1. Whenever there is a direct or indirect charge for alcohol.

- This is broadly defined to include the transfer of alcohol without consideration (i.e. money or some other benefit) if the transfer without consideration is knowingly made to evade the laws relating the sale of alcohol beverages. Examples of indirect charges include:

  • Ticket price includes alcohol beverages.
  • Cost of meal or service (e.g., haircut) includes alcohol beverages.
  • Donation required in order to be able to consume alcohol beverages.

2. Whenever alcohol beverages are consumed in a public place.

- Anyone in charge of a public place may not permit the consumption of alcohol beverages in a public place unless the person has an appropriate license. Examples include:

  • Open House
  • Grand Opening
  • An event held at a location that caters to the general public.
***Per Wis. State Stat. 125.04(3)(f)(1), all applications for licenses to sell alcohol beverages shall be filed with the Village Clerk at least 15 days prior to the granting of the license - which takes place at Village Board meetings that typically meets first Tuesday of each month.  In addition, State Statute also requires notice of the application to be published in the local newspaper.  All applications go before the Village Board for final approval.

Operator's License (a.k.a. Bartender's License)

Anyone applying for a new operator's license must complete the Responsible Beverage Server Training course or show proof that they have been a licensed operator in the last two years in another Wisconsin municipality.

Operator License Application (PDF)

License Fee

  • $20.00 per year
  • $15.00 Provisional

Estimated Processing Time: 1 week

All licenses expire on June 30

Wisconsin approved training courses

Ordinance Chapter 5.25