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Snow Removal


Snow & Ice - Winter Parking Info...

When Winter Conditions Hit, We Need Your Help
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You can help keep our streets safe during the snow season by following the winter parking regulations. The less traffic our snowplow drivers encounter, the faster and more efficiently they can clear the streets.

The Village of Arena has 2 winter parking regulations residents should be familiar with.


10.15.020 Parking restrictions during temporary snow removal or street maintenance.

(a) Parking During Snow Removal. No person shall park, place or leave standing any automobile, truck or other vehicle on any street or public way after one hour from the time such area has been designated and marked with signs or barriers by the police department and/or the director of public works of the village indicating no parking due to snow removal.

(b) Street Maintenance. Whenever it is necessary to clear or repair a village roadway or any part thereof, the director of public works and/or police department shall post such highways or parts thereof with signs bearing the words “No Parking – Street Maintenance Work.” Such signs shall be erected at least two hours prior to the time that street maintenance work is to be commenced. No person shall park a motor vehicle in violation of such signs. 

10.15.150 Regulation of winter parking for snow removal.

When official traffic signs have been placed or erected at or reasonably near the corporate limits of the village of Arena as provided in Section 349.13(1e)(c)(2), Wis. Stats., no person shall park any vehicle between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. from November 15th to April 1st on any street unless a permit for alternate side parking has been issued by the Arena police department. A permit for alternate side parking shall allow the vehicle subject to the permit to park on the even-numbered side of the street on even-numbered days and on the odd-numbered side of the street on odd-numbered days.